This Service Is Only Available To

VIP Colorful U Members

Colorful U VIP members can get an online color analysis case study for only $97 vs the full professional color analysis at $397

Here are some important things you need to know before placing this order:

  1. This service is exclusive to VIP Members only. 
  2. You will receive Jen's thoughts on your color type on a monthly live color analysis group call.
  3. Your color fan, color guide and ebook are NOT included in this offer.
  4. Instructions on how to submit your photos will be given to you when you complete your purchase.

The process is simple:

  1. Join the VIP Colorful U membership 
  2. Complete the short form on the thank you page
  3. Your welcome email will offer you the color analysis purchase button
  4. Purchase your $97 Color Analysis
  5. Submit your photo based on the instructions you receive
  6. Jen and her team will do a color analysis case study for you on the next monthly live call. You'll finally know your color type!!

We look forward to helping you discover your color type!