Your Journal

It's all about your journal! LOL

Ok, I may just be speaking for me, but we are going to using our journals a LOT in this membership.

I have many journals... I use them all for different things... and some same things... I'm a bit of a journal addict.

As a ColorStyle member, I highly recommend you get a journal dedicated to this community.

I just ordered an Archer and Olive journal to use just for this membership. I love them because the paper is really nice and the covers are pretty.

Get something you really enjoy using. An 5x7 size is just the right size for me, but you may want something bigger or smaller. I also recommend getting a pen that you love to write with... or if you're like me, an entire collection of colorful pens and paint pens. Because that's how I roll.

And if you're wondering, "Why would I want a journal for the membership?"... here are some good reasons:

  • Why not?
  • Some of the exercises in the monthly themes will include journaling
  • I'm going to be cutting and pasting images and color into mine, you may want to follow along
  • The Colorful You lessons will have you journaling as well
  • I tend to add art and doodles into my journals... you may want to do the same
  • It's fun to record what's important to us in one spot
  • I also tend to create art journal spreads randomly... because that's how I express myself. I will video my process, if you want to journal along with me.

I'll be sharing photos and/or videos to show you what I'm doing. Probably out in the community. Probably also in the related lessons.

Bullet Journals are pretty great and you can find all kinds with colorful covers and designs. You could also just use a simple notebook or even a traveler's notebook. Maybe a sketchbook is more your style. It doesn't matter, as long as you use something that is enjoyable for you to open everyday.

When you find your magical journal, post in the community and share what you plan on using!